Crossword Puzzle



4. Campus sits on land that was once a fruit tree ORCHARD.

6. Phil Donahue ‘53 is known as the King of DAYTIME TV.

8. St. Edward offers Spanish, French, and LATIN.

10. The MOCK trial team won the 2023 state championship.

12. Edsmen script, shoot, and edit footage in this class: FILM.

14. Summer enrichment for middle school boys is called Get the EDGE.

16. New Ohio legislation grants COLLEGE credit for IB coursework.

19. The robotics team named their 2023 bot Blitz, inspired by this League of Legends character: BLITZCRANK.

phil donahue with his yearbook photo from 1953

Phil Donahue '53 is a celebrity journalist and television personality who pioneered the concept of a daytime, issue-oriented talk show. His class recently celebrated their 70th high school reunion. Check out his senior yearbook photo from 1953!

latin student at st. edward high school

Many Edsmen study Latin and participate in Knights of the Tiber (Latin Club). St. Edward holds a number of titles, including winning both the 2021 and 2022 Academic Challenge State Championship in Latin.

the st.edward high school mock trial team at states

The mock trial team won their first state championship title in 2023. The program has been in existence for 15 years and is guided by social studies faculty and the Legal Eagles (alumni in legal professions).

film students at st. ed's reviewing footage

St. Edward is home to the only dedicated high school film department in Northeast Ohio. Graduates have earned places in some of the nation's most renowned film schools and garnered accolades in both national and regional film festivals.

the st. edward high school robotics team working on their robot nicknamed Blitz

The robotics team, which also includes young women from St. Joseph Academy and Magnificat, is seen here testing "Blitz," the bot they fondly named after a character from the popular video game League of Legends.

20. Edsmen participate in this service ministry, named after the patron saint of the homeless: LABRE.

21. Our golden dome is a nod to well-known Holy Cross school the University of NOTRE Dame.

24. St. Edward is located on DETROIT Avenue.

26. The school was FOUNDED in 1949.

27. Tucked behind the building, a feathery flock produces eggs in their COOP.

29. When not on the water, rowers train indoors using this equipment: ERGOMETER.

30. This year’s school theme, With Them and Of Them, centers on servant LEADERSHIP.

31. Second only to OSU, St. Edward offers the state’s largest strength & CONDITIONING program.

students participate in the labre ministry

Through the Labre ministry, students help prepare a meal and serve our brothers and sisters experiencing homelessness by coming to them under bridges, in vacant lots, in the woods, etc.

st. edward high school under construction after its founding in 1949

St. Edward High School was under construction in the spring of 1951; the new building officially opened its doors to students in September of that year.

chickens look out the window inside their coop

Our naturally raised, free-range chickens live right in the backyard by the football field. The eggs our flock produces are sold under the brand name St. Eggward. All proceeds benefit local organizations that increase access to food for those in need. 

members of the st. edward high school rowing team training on ergometers

Rowing machines, referred to as “ergs” for short, are fantastic cardio machines that simulate the movement of rowing in a boat.

with them and of them - the school theme for 2023 centered around servant leadership

When Blessed Basil Moreau, C.S.C. founded the Congregation of Holy Cross, he did so with a special love for the most vulnerable. This year's school theme is taken directly from a passage in the Holy Cross Constitutions. “Christ was anointed to bring good news to the poor, release for prisoners, sight for the blind, restoration for every broken victim. Our efforts, which are His, reach out to the afflicted and in a preferential way to the poor and the oppressed. We come not just as servants but as their neighbors, to be WITH THEM AND OF THEM.”

interior of the weight room at st. ed's

Our team of certified strength coaches unlock athletic potential with customized training plans for every student-athlete. Over time, students not only notice physical improvements but also gain a growth mindset that translates to success—in and out of the classroom!


1. Edsmen visit the Student SUCCESS Center for help with their schoolwork.

2. The name of hockey player Mike Rupp ‘98 is engraved on the STANLEY Cup.

3. This year, Edsmen set a goal of collecting 20,000 non-perishables for the HOLIDAY Food Drive.

5. Edsmen use COMMUNITY Period to study, eat, participate in clubs, and hang out with friends.

7. Hundreds of genuine ARTIFACTS are housed on campus in the Br. Bennet Museum.

9. Known widely by his initials, U.S. President JFK visited in 1962.

11. Darlington Nagbe ‘08 dominated the Eagle pitch and now plays for the Columbus CREW.

13. The Trash Talkers are drummers who fuse their beat with theatrical performance, similar to the BLUE Man Group.

mike rupp '98 hoists the stanley cup

Since retiring in 2014, pro hockey player Mike Rupp '98 serves as both a studio analyst for the NHL Network and a post-game analyst on Pittsburgh Penguins games.

inside the br. bennett museum at st. edward high school

The Br. Bennet Museum houses hundreds of artifacts right on campus. This favorite history classroom brings lessons to life! All items are cataloged online here.

president john f. kennedy, jr. visits st. edward high school in 1962

President John F. Kennedy visited St. Edward in 1962. The Marching Eagles saluted him by playing Hail to the Chief.

darlington nagbe in his columbus crew uniform and as a senior in 2008

Midfielder Darlington Nagbe '08 immigrated from Liberia to Lakewood; enrolling at St. Edward High School. He now plays for the Columbus Crew. Check out his senior yearbook photo from 2008.

the st. edward high school trash talkers

The Trash Talkers, a fusion of drumming and theater reminiscent of acclaimed acts like Stomp or the Blue Man Group, are a crowd favorite.

15. The Alma Mater begins with Hail to the GREEN and Gold.

17. Edsmen explore Normandy, as well as other hard-fought fronts, on the BATTLEFIELDS Tour.

18. The MARCHING Eagles wow crowds at halftime.

21. Watch the Food NETWORK to see restaurateur and celebrity chef Michael Symon ‘87 in action.

22. Edsmen interested in all things apiary, join the school’s unique BEEKEEPING Club.

23. St. Edward is sponsored by the BROTHERS of Holy Cross.

25. The energetic mascot is known as EAGLEMAN.

utah beach in normandy, france

Our annual battlefields tour is a favorite international trip. This educational journey takes learners to Belgium, France, and England to visit the trenches of WWI, the D-Day invasion site, the Imperial War Museum, and more.

the marching eagles marching band performing

The Marching Eagles produce a dynamic sound that recently earned them superior ratings in competition. They are joined by young women from St. Joseph Academy and Magnificat.

michael symon and his senior yearbook photo from 1987

Celebrity chef and cookbook author Michael Symon '87 makes St. Edward proud. You can taste his culinary creations at local spots: Lola, Lolita, B Spot Burgers, Mabel's BBQ, and Bar Symon. Check out his senior yearbook photo from 1987.

edsmen beekeepers

With our unique beekeeping club, students tend a thriving rooftop hive. This year, they harvested an unbelievable 40 gallons of honey!


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