Tuition & Scholarships

Our goal is to meet the needs of every family who enters our doors!

Through merit scholarships, need-based financial aid, or state funding, 100% of St. Edward families are offered a discounted tuition package. Tuition for the 2023-2024 school year is $19,350, with a $250 technology fee. Next year’s tuition will be announced in the spring.

Thanks to the generosity of our community, St. Edward is able to offer need-based tuition assistance. FACTS, a third-party company, assesses each family’s financial need. This online process requires federal tax forms and W2s. Click here for instructions. 


Families can utilize one of the Ohio Department of Education scholarships, a merit scholarship, or a music scholarship in addition to financial aid. The Diocese of Cleveland also awards need-based financial aid (DTA) with the FACTS application. Once you submit your FACTS application for St. Edward financial aid, simply log back into FACTS and opt into the Diocesan Tuition Assistance program by answering a few additional questions. The first round deadline to be considered for DTA is March 1. The second round and final date to file is May 1. 

If you need assistance completing the FACTS application, please contact Sarah Boddy at [email protected].

Ohio Department of Education Scholarships

We are thrilled to announce that with the expansion of EdChoice, scholarships are now available for every family.

Students can only receive one Ohio Department of Education scholarship, however, merit scholarships and need-based financial aid can also reduce tuition.

St. Edward High School is a provider for both the EdChoice Traditional and EdChoice Expansion Scholarship. EdChoice Expansion is a new scholarship program, through the Ohio Department of Education, that allows any student in Ohio to access funding for private school tuition. Awards vary from $950–$8,408 depending on household income. 

The table below displays the award scale. Tip: on smaller devices, scroll from the left to the right to see all the columns.

Number in Family and Household Income
 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Under 450% FPL $40,880 $51,640 $62,400 $73,160 $83,920 $94,680 $105,440
450–500% of FPL $91,980 $116,190 $140,400 $164,610 $188,820 $213,030 $237,240
500–550% of FPL $102,200 $129,100 $156,000 $182,900 $209,800 $236,700 $263,600
550–600% of FPL $112,420 $142,010 $171,600 $201,190 $230,780 $260,370 $289,960
600–650% of FPL $122,640 $154,920 $187,200 $219,480 $251,760 $284,040 $316,320
650–700% of FPL $132,860 $167,830 $202,800 $237,770 $272,740 $307,710 $342,680
700–750% of FPL $143,080 $180,740 $218,400 $256,060 $293,720 $331,380 $369,040
Above 750% of FPL > $153,300 > $193,650 > $234,000 > $274,350 > $314,700 > $355,050 >$395,400

Students must first be accepted to St. Edward High School before submitting Ohio Department of Education paperwork. If you have questions about EdChoice, please contact Sarah Boddy at [email protected].


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