Freshman World Languages

Welcome, Class of 2028!

Learning a new language fosters a global perspective, enhances academic performance, and improves communication skills. St. Edward’s Language Acquisition Department offers classes in French, Spanish, and Latin. Most incoming freshmen are asked to select a language at their registration appointment.


The French language is renowned for its cultural sophistication and global influence. Spoken on five continents by over 220 million people, including communities in France, Canada, Africa, and parts of Asia, it offers a gateway to diverse cultures and industries, such as fashion, fine cuisine, and the arts. Learning French opens doors to Francophone cultures and communities worldwide, as well as provides valuable insights into history and international relations.


Latin, often called the "key" to all languages, is the basis of 60–70% of the words we speak today. Studying Latin improves language skills and grammar, and helps students understand complex legal, medical, and science terminology—a huge help for future scientists, doctors, and attorneys! The study of Latin expands vocabulary, leading to better performance in college and higher scores on standardized tests. On average, Latin students score nearly 60 points higher on the SAT than those who don't study Latin. 


Spanish, the second most spoken language globally, carries immense cultural and linguistic significance. With over 460 million native speakers, learning Spanish opens doors to a vibrant tapestry of cultures across Latin America, Spain, and Hispanic communities in the United States. Beyond its widespread usage, Spanish is a valuable asset in various industries, including business, healthcare, and education, providing practical and dynamic skills for an interconnected world. Spanish offers native English speakers many cognates (words that have common roots and meanings), which facilitate recognition and understanding.


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